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Please read the following conditions carefully before you purchase or download one of my products. By using or purchasing my software you agree with these conditions.

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Terms And Conditions

GeoAstro Applets ("Software") are a proprietary product of Jürgen Giesen and are protected by copyright laws.

The license does not include the right to run an applet on a web server.

The software is sold "as it is". It was thoroughly tested with different operating systems and browsers. Nevertheless there may be problems arising from certain browser versions. There is no claim to support even for a registered copy. Please test the software online on my web site and check the demo versions available for download before you register.

The product is no physical hard good shipped to you. Having ordered via Kagi you will receive an email within 48 hours including the URL of the download page for your unlocked applet versions. If an email address has not been provided, it will be impossible to send the information you need.



The applicability of the software for a particular purpose, the fitness for a particular configuration of hard- and software, and the correctness of the computed data and diagrams are not warranted. The author claims no liability for data loss or other problems caused directly or indirectly by the software. The user is assuming the entire risk as to the software's quality and accuracy. In no event shall the author's liability to you for any damages whatsoever or for pecuniary loss arising out of the use of the software exceed the amount paid for the license.

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